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Health Care Savings Link was started by three former Fortune 500 executives who, like you, wanted to reduce their health care costs – especially for those frequently used services their health care plans didn’t cover, such as dental and vision care.

About 8 years ago, they discovered the Best Benefits Health Care Discount Card and realized they had come upon one of America’s best-kept secrets. This card costs just pennies a day, and enables every member of a family to have access to medical services and products, such as prescription drugs and eyeglasses, at significant discounts. Plus, age or health history has no impact on the membership fee.

Why wasn’t this widely known? Because Discount Development Services LLC, the managing company that created the Best Benefits plan in 1995, didn’t sell to individuals. Virtually all of the millions of people who had a Best Benefits plan, had signed up for it through a membership organization or through their employer’s health care plan.

Health Care Savings Link was determined to change that, by making the Best Benefits plans directly available to individuals and their families. Our name says it all: we are your link to help you lower your health care costs.

Discount Development Services, LLC is one of the largest providers and managers of reduced fee health care programs in the country, with over 6 million member families, covering over 10 million people. It also has the country’s most extensive network of health care professionals, delivering services in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Best Benefits Plan’s high double digit renewal rates confirm the high customer satisfaction with these discount health programs.

Discount Development Services, LLC, now a division of Coverdell & Company, Inc., was a founding member of the Consumer Health Alliance, the trade association of providers of discount health plans. This means you can be assured of the quality of the Best Benefits plans and the company’s ethical practices.

Consumer Health Alliance (CHA)

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